A softie is for anybody to pass on a soft thought to someone they love or need one for themselves as a placeholder for a hug.



I take great pride in my ability to provide personally stylized products for all of my clients. My hands-on technique ensures a perfect product every time. Each products is meticulously "measured twice and cut once" to fit a one of a kind product.


The Eye of an Artist

As part of a Custom Softie Order I provide stylish designs and customizable product options that are available in endless varieties. You will get to work with me to pick out the right styles, colors, fabric, trim, and other features that I give my closest attention to.



Learn all about HAND MADE BY MOLLI and the wonderful product options I have to offer. Add the finishing touches to your product from start to finish. Each product can be ordered as pictured within the online store, or customized to fit the material, size, trim and finishing touches of your choice.


Tag Alongs - 20"x 20" ($15)

Mini - 30" x 42" ($45)

(Original) Softie - 42" x 58" ($55-$65)

Bear Hug - 58" x 58" and up (price varies)

Tag Alongs - The tag along size is for a baby to haul around wherever they may go.  This size is ideal for mamas and dads to throw in the diaper bag or haul around in the carseat. Each have a loop attached sewn in the corner to easily attach to your bag or carseat.

Mini - Perfect for a toddler to pack around until and make their own for as long as they want. 

Softie- This is the most  sought after size because it is the most versital for both a growing child or any adult. 

Bear Hug- For the big softies out there that need surrounded with softness or need room for a snuggle companion. Depending on materials and size (beyond 58" x 58") the prices vary and are available upon request. 


Whether it's for a new baby, new bride, a birthday, or just because, there is a print for everyone.

I like to brainstorm with my clients to find the perfect print. I have plenty of material and prints in stock in a variety of different material. If there is a specific theme - anything from kitties, woodland, princesses, Star Wars, etc. I will dedicate myself to find the perfect fit. 

My chosen material varieties are (but not limited to) Flannel,  Linen, and Cotton Jersey. These are all high quality, washable and the most popular for specialized prints. 

Just email, message or text me and we can conspire together!


Trim styles vary from crochet, pom poms, fringe, and piping in any shape or shade. I have a handful of options in stock


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